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About Us

IT was created in 2019. We created the platform after we found many business's and schools with large IT infrastructures needed a better place to sell their used equipment. There are other ad sites out there that are not IT specific and are just selling everything under the sun. The people running these sites don't know the industry as well as we do as we all have backgrounds in working in IT.

We wanted a platform that would be easy to use and stand out from the rest. To do this we have opted for a clean a clear interface as well as good categorisation and custom search filters. It's our experience in IT that has helped us put these features together for you. So you can choose a category like servers and then use the filters to find the ad with the right spec you want.

We are not just there for business's, the platform works great for the home users too.

As the site grows we hope to expand the site further to include other areas of IT. More about this will be announced at a later date.