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  • Can I use Paypal to buy ads?

    Yes. The primary payment method is Paypal for purchasing ads. We also accept BACS and purchase orders.

  • Can I list non IT items on the platform?

    I'm afraid not. We built our platform to be different to the other general selling sites so we can cater more for those in the industry and can serve them better by making the tools specific to IT.

  • I can't see a category to place my item in. What should I do?

    If there isn't a specific category for your item, please contact us via the support page and we'll see if we can accommodate the additional category.

  • Can I get a refund on a package once it's been ordered?

    Generally we don't offer refunds on package purchases. However this can be looked at on a case by case basis. Please contact us with the reason for wanting a refund. This will be reviewed by our team and we will let you know of the outcome.

  • How do I manage my ads?

    Each user has their own dashboard. There you can manage all aspects of your account including ads and profile settings.

  • I live outside the UK, can I place ads on your site?

    Currently we only offer the platform to UK users. This may be expanded in the future.

  • How can I contact a seller?

    When you go to an ad you're interested in, there is option to message the seller.

  • Why can't we add software items to the platform?

    Due to the risk of software piracy, we currently aren't offering software categories. We are looking at options to include this later.

  • I've seen a post or comment with offensive content. How do I report this?

    If you see any content that is considered offensive, please contact us via the support page. Use the report abuse topic.

  • Do you offer a discount for registered charities?

    We love charities. They do such wonderful work in this world. We may be able to offer a discount on a plan. We ask you contact us with your request and include your charity name, number and address.

  • How long do ads stay live on the site?

    All ads if not sold, will expire after 12 months.

  • What does Bumping my ad mean?

    If you bump your ad it means it will move it from where it is, to the top of the category list where it will be seen more often. The ads are displayed in date order with the newest first so after time they will naturally drop down the list.

  • Why is the Gold subscription plan black?

    This is our most popular option in the subscription plans. It's simply just highlighting this.

  • If I buy a bump or featured addon will it remove my existing credit?

    No. If you have 3 bumps on your account and decide to buy another 5 with an addon, your account will be credited with the extra 5 on top so you would have a total of 8.

  • Is this site GDPR compliant?

    Yes. We take your privacy very seriously and have ensured our site is a safe as we can make it. We have a feature in your profile settings that allows you to delete your account fully from the system, You can also read our privacy statement on the bottom of our home page.

  • Where is my data hosted when on this site?

    Our data centre is hosted in a very secure facility in Docklands, London.

  • How can I advertise on your site?

    We have some banner blocks on our site for advertising. If you are interested in having your banner on our site, please contact us. We can also design you a banner as well for your business if you wish at a cost.

  • On your Trusted seller page it says I can become a trusted seller. What does this mean and how do I become trusted?

    Being a trusted seller enables you to have a small badge next to your profile when placing ads etc that states your a regular and trusted seller. Having this gives potential buyers confidence when about to deal with you and more likely to get a sale. In order to get this badge you need to show that you are a good user of this site. So that means having 10 consecutive seller reviews of 4 stars and above. When you have reached this stage you can contact us using the contact option at the bottom of the home page and use the topic called Trusted Seller. Make sure you fill out the email address field with the same one you use to login to the site as this is what we will use to find your account.

  • Emails from you are going into my spam folder.

    We try to prevent this as best we can from our back end systems. There is how ever something you can do. You can white list us in your email application. Click the White Listing link at the bottom of every page for instructions.

  • Can I request that my data be deleted?

    Yes you can. Simply go to the bottom of the privacy policy and follow the link to delete your details. You can also request it to be exported and emailed to you, so you can see what data is held about you. You can also fully delete your account from the dashboard under edit profile. NOTE: Once deletion of an account has been carried out, it cannot be undone and any credit on the account will be lost and not refundable. If you have any other queries about GDPR please contact us.

  • What is a simple ad?

    A simple ad refers to an ad that hasn't had any enhancements added like Featured or Bumping. With subscriptions you have unlimited simple ads, meaning you can place as many of these simple ads you want within the subscription period. Ad packs work differently in that you only get a set number of these simple ads and can use them when ever you want. You can also get more simple ads as addon's if you have used them all up in your subscription.

  • Is there a mobile app for the platform?

    Currently we are not offering this as an option, but it is in the pipeline. Both Android and OSX will be supported.

  • What browser should I use with your website?

    Our platform supports all major browsers. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

  • When I click on the activation link in the email, it goes to the website but doesn't say its activated anywhere and actually doesn't complete.

    This is likely because you have multiple web browsers on your computer. The activation link has to be used on the same browser that you registered on. If a different browser opens with the link, you have the default set as the one just opened. You can copy the link address in the email and then paste this into the other browser.

  • Why can't I post an ad to certain categories?

    When you register with our site you are given a free membership. This allows you access to most categories except Servers, Networking and VOIP. If you need to post to these categories, you will need to upgrade the subscription.